batho pele principles for  public engagement

These principles would apply to all public representatives in all three spheres of government, business leaders in the private sector, and representatives in Chapter 9 Institutions.


5.1. Consultation

Consultation means comprehensive representation in discussions, decision-making, and processes.


5.2. Courtesy

This means politeness, consideration and respect towards the public and towards individuals.


5.3. Access

Every South African should have full access to all services and to information on how government utilises resources and why. There should be openness and transparency so that the public may be aware of issues regarding service delivery.


5.4. Value for money

People must be rewarded fairly for what they have paid for and should receive the quality and quantity of products or services received in keeping with the payment. They should neither pay too much nor too little for products and services.


5.5. Quality Control

Every institution should have documented procedures to quickly and accurately identify failure or delay in services, to remedy the issues, and process complaints at the individual, transactional, and organisational level, in order to improve the entire service delivery programme.


5.6. Service Standards

Documented measurable benchmarks for service delivery to which citizens contribute.