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ubuntu leadership code of ethics

In consideration of the need for a governmental system that adheres to absolute values as documented in the Bill of Values above, and recognising the need for leaders’ conduct to be in keeping with those values, in adherence with the value of self-governance the following standards should govern the conduct of all servants of the nation:



1. Loving

Leaders should be people with a genuine heart of love and reverence for God and his values. This should extend to genuine love, care and respect for their nation, and all people, irrespective of colour, creed, race, gender or class.


2. Patriot

Leaders must be devoted citizens, caring deeply for the well-being of their nation, willing and ready to be good stewards of its resources, to serve the nation and its people, with diligence, loyalty and devotion.


3. Servanthood

Leaders must be willing, loyal and dedicated servants to those whom they serve. Giving priority to the needs of others, they must serve selflessly, without being harsh, domineering slave drivers. They must be people empowerers who equip others to rise to their greatness, uplift those in need, defend the defenceless, empathise with those in under-priviledged circumstances.


4. Not greedy

Leaders must detest and resist greed for dishonest gain. They must not be excessive lovers of money, power and selfish ambition, and never abuse or misuse their position of authority to accumulate illicit riches and/or other lustful indulgences.


5. Honest and Transparent

Leaders must be people of truth, trustworthy and transparent, keeping promises regardless of the cost to oneself. They must not be double-tounged, saying one thing whilst doing the opposite, and avoid making statements that cannot be verified. They must be seen by others to be truthful, loyal, faithful, and a person of their word.  


6. Wise

Leaders must be able to put knowledge to proper application, in governance of self, their family, their workplace, and their community. They must have the ability to make right decisions at the right time in the right situation. Where necessary, seek the wisdom of others, and in prayer solicit the wisdom of heaven.


7. Just

Leaders must have good judgement and exercise absolute justice and fairness at all times, with work mates, compatriots, and the public at large.


8. Nation-builder

Leaders must be builders, innovators, and restorers of nations, communities, organisations and people. They must have the inclination to be innovative, to bring new solutions, to be problem solvers, and to restore that which is broken. 


9. Diligent

Leaders must be competent, dedicated, and judicious in the performance of their duties. They must apply themselves to the best of their ability, recognising that work honors the Creator, and fulfils one’s purpose in life. 


10. Accountable

Leaders must take seriously the responsibility to safeguard the wellbeing of the office they occupy, mindful of the duty to build, maintain order and achieve success. They must sustain their legitimacy by continuing to exercise transparency and accounting to those who put them in office.


11. Courageous

Recognising the challenges every leader will face, they must have strength of endurance and steadfast faith to face with courage, challenges, opposition or adversity of any kind. They must have the fortitude to take tough or unpopular decisions when necessary, and to stay the cause where others give up. They must inspire courage in their followers by their own example of optimism and unfailing hope.


12. Mature and Qualified

Leaders must demonstrate wisdom, and emotional self control, holding positions of responsibility without getting puffed up with pride or arrogance. They must have sufficient qualifications and experience required for the task at hand.


13. Leaders

Good leaders inspire admiration, love and respect by their families, their followers and others who know them. They must be able to inspire willing obedience by their family and followers to the set vision and rules of the game. Leaders must take initiative to lead the way to address a need and to seek for solutions where needed without someone having to bring these to his attention or to push him to do things?.


14. Self-controlled

Leaders must have self-restraint, be emotionally mature, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome but understanding. They must have the discipline to do that which is undesirable when it is the right thing to do. 


15. Moral and Beyond Reproach

Leaders must be blameless, morally upright, exhibiting purity of conscience, free from scandalous reputation and well thought of by outsiders. They must have one spouse, be free from idolatry, adulterous relationships, and avoid every appearance of wickedness. Past episodes of impropriety may be forgiven if they are willing to own up to them and display genuine remorse and repentance. 


16. Listener

What makes a good leader is the ability to submit to other people’s leadership and guidance. Leaders must be open to listen and learn from others, always mindful that other people’s counsel can only add value to their own. They must be willing to admit to their fault when wrong and resolve to correct it.


17. Peacemaker

Leaders must seek to promote peace between individuals, groups, and nations at all times. They must strive to bring reconciliation in conflict situations, going the extra mile to remedy strained relationships.  They must be impartial and not favor one side over the other.


18. Forgiving

Leaders must be quick to forgive, and have the maturity to not hold grudges. They must accept innocent mistakes by others as inevitable and necessary to the growth process.


19. Patient

Leaders must accept others and be willing to accomodate those who act or think differently from them, even when it may be challenging to do so. They must not rush to forcefully seek power and high position, but wait for promotion when it is fitting and necessary.


20. Dignified

Leaders must possess and display mannerisms that inspire respect and honor from others. They must be held in high esteem by those around them, seeing them as honourable and praise worthy due to their good works. They must not indulge in pettiness nor wickedness, but steadfastly do those things considered noble and praiseworthy.


21. Humble

Leaders must have a humble, teachable spirit, being open to correction and advice from whatever quarter. They must not be arrogant, boastful or puffed up with self-importance. They must not be given to pursuit of greatness and wealth for self gain.


22. Exemplary

Leaders must lead by example in all areas of life. Their behaviour must demonstrate the value of leading a virtuous life to those around them.


23. Vigilant

Leaders must be cautious, circumspect, and sober at all times. They must not be given to drunkardness but be careful to maintain sound-mindedness, a responsible attitude, and clear thinking at all times.


24. Self-Sacrificing/Giving

Leaders must be prepared to take action that others would avoid, ready to sacrifice if need be for the sake of their followers. They must have a charitable willing heart, to take care of those in their community who need support. They must be caring and an empowerer.


25. Values Time and Property 

Good stewardship is one of the most important qualities required of leaders. Punctuality, effective use of time and proper usage of property are principles that leaders must respect and value. They must understand the opportunity costs of wastefulness, acknowledging that every minute used well is an opportunity or money gained.


26.  Lifelong Learner

Leaders must be lifelong learners, never reaching the point of thinking they know too much to keep studying. They must keep abreast of new ideas/developments, trends, world events and stay ahead of followers, acting as role models inspiring their hunger for deeper insights.  


While recognising that we are all human and have made mistakes and deviated from the above Code, we nevertheless recognise the grace of God and accept openly our need of help in adhering to the above Code and undertake to live in keeping with it, as far as possible, and allow no hidden unaddressed issues to trip us up.

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