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candidate leaders selection process


Candidate applications should be submitted a year before election/selection.


A team should work on scrutinising the applications, and interviewing relevant people and entities for verification of factual information. The reviewing team should come from a different province, so that manipulation or undue prejudice from people who know the candidate is minimised.

Reviewers should visit the village or town or district where the person grew up.

It is recommended that ten people do the research on one person, to counter check results, and avoid personal prejudice.

Verification of Factual Information

Check qualifications

•  Check for experience and skills levels

•  Check for criminal record

•  Check Personality type

Character Assessment

Visit the family of the candidate:

Is the spouse fully supportive?

Is there harmony, discipline, mutual respect in the home?

Have any of the family members broken the law?

Are there any complaints about the candidate’s behaviour by any of their family members?


Get testimonials from at least five but preferably all of the following:

• Previous employer

• Work colleagues

• Clients

• Suppliers

• Teacher/Mentor

• Spiritual leader

• Neighbours

Interview with Council of Elders
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