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moral values

Good moral values and principles are what build and sustain a good and stable society. Basing our constitution and thus our policies governing society on the seven primary values listed at the start of this document will ensure that South Africa will take its place as a nation of substance among the great nations in history.  Using these values as a foundation to promote the rights and responsibilities of the citizens as listed above, and the guiding moral values and principles listed below will ensure a high quality of leadership, governance and life for us all.


4.1. Adaptability

Self-governance leads to adaptability which cultivates calmness, patience, endurance, and creativity.


4.2. Belief, Conscience, and the Rule of Law

Integrity leads to honesty, valuing the beliefs and personal consciences of the individual, subject to the nation’s laws, and adherence to the rule of law.


4.3. Care

Care is an outworking of love: it means honour and respect towards authority, and compassion, kindness, loyalty, and respect towards one another, with the willingness to help towards our own and others’ physical, financial, and social health, and welfare and property, irrespective of race, gender, beliefs, or culture.


4.4. Character (Integrity and Competence)

Character comes from integrity and is developed through courage (endurance) and wisdom. It leads to purposefulness in people whose passionate commitment to personal and collective competence and upliftment, brings about private and public administrative efficiency, effectiveness of systems and service delivery to all citizens through work ethics and professional practices for optimal competitiveness and personal fulfilment.


4.5. Common Good

Love and justice promote the common good above personal aspirations. We will then be willing to promote the wellbeing of the community and to work together with other members for the greater benefit of all.


4.6. Contentment

Self-governance also helps us to be satisfied and contented with what we have, and to resist greed.


4.7. Co-operation

Integrity (being whole and integrated) helps us work and act together towards shared goals, which brings unity and cohesion.


4.8. Courage

This means having perseverance in the face of adversity, and the inner strength, boldness, determination, and decisiveness to do what is right in the face of difficulty or temptation. It means to consistently and confidently act and stand for values, principles, and ethics in in the face of opposition.


4.9. Creativity and Resourcefulness

Wisdom promotes creative thinking, being solution-minded, generating new ideas and resources, and builds a strong shared economy.


4.10. Determination and Commitment

Not giving up and staying committed to see something through that is worthwhile is part of diligence.


4.11. Dignity

Love means protecting the dignity of individuals, minority groups, and majority groups and treating them with appreciation, respect, reverence, and even-handedness on the basis that all human beings are born equal. We all deserve to be free from bias, exploitation, oppression, or any form of discrimination, victimisation, or prejudice.


4.12. Diligence and Punctuality

Diligence means performing responsibilities and duties properly, thoroughly, professionally, competently, and timeously with discipline and concentration.


4.13. Discipline

Self-governance leads to discipline: the consistent application to systematic instructions or tasks, or following a particular code of conduct or order. It also makes us faithful in our lives to people, tasks, communities, employers, and our country.


4.14. Faith

Love leads us to trusting and believing in one another and helping build the hope of citizens who want to achieve their aspirations.


4.15. Forgiveness

When we are willing to lay aside grievances, resentment, indignation, and/or anger, for the sake of unity while recognising the need of justice, we set ourselves and our offenders free.


4.16. Humility

Self-governance and wisdom enable us to recognise with empathy the God-given dignity, uniqueness, and value in others and humbly and productively serve them.


4.17. Integrity

Integration. Wholeness. Consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, character, expectations, and outcomes. Behaving ethically, and acting in keeping with our words. In ethics, integrity is regarded as transparency, honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness, and accuracy of one’s actions. It is acting in keeping with one’s conscience with respect to responsibilities, and stewardship of property (own and others’, internal and external).


4.18. Kindness

Love promotes kindness and caring for each other marked by good and charitable behaviour.


4.19. Loyalty

When we truly love our nation, we are loyal to it and all its peoples.


4.20. Morality

When we adhere to the values of self-governance and integrity, we are able to avoid wrong behaviour and we protect the life, liberty, well-being, and property of others.


4.21. Obedience

Diligence and self-governance enables us to honour rules, values, and principles, and be eager to carry out legitimate orders or instructions for the good of all.


4.22. Peace

Prosperity in matters of social or economic welfare, justice, and a working political order that serves the true interests of all, will give our nation safety and security,.


4.23. Professionalism

Diligence will ensure the possession of all knowledge required to make the right decisions in any and every situation, and will build good judgement, thoroughness, and excellence.


4.24. Rebuilding

Diligence, justice, and courage will lead to our being able to understand, respect, embrace, and harness our diversity, and restore the South African dream.


4.25. Respect

Love and justice will enable us to respect and value one another irrespective of social origin, race, gender, belief, age, status, and class, which will promote peace, friendship, gentleness, tolerance and national unity among cultural, religious and linguistic communities. When we are able to respect authority without idolising leaders, we promote freedom across all people.


4.26. Self-governance

This means direction, regulation, control, and restraint with respect to one’s will, desires, character, thoughts, ideas, motives, convictions, and attitudes, in keeping with one’s conscience. Outcomes of self-governance are patience, purity, and selflessness. Increased self-governance among us helps us to be selfless, patient, and moral and reduces the need of law enforcement. Leaders who govern themselves can serve others effectively.


4.27. Wisdom

The correct application of knowledge, and the ability to discern and make good judgements on what is true and right, brings peace, harmony, and prosperity to all.

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