The process of developing the Bill of Values on which this booklet is based was a team effort with participants from many cultures and walks of life, who all shared a passion to see South Africa become a great nation. This final compilation is a result of much research, prayer, discussion and inputs done over a period of three years.


This being a matter of national values, priority was given to ensuring that existing authoritative publications were consulted and used as the foundation for developing a framework of Values that are not only comprehensive, but also credible for South Africa’s nation building. These are the Batho Pele Principles and the Moral Regeneration Charter, both of which are expounded upon in this publication.

Zandile Vilakazi-Mwenda
Alaythea Hamlyn
Arno van Niekerk

The Bill of Values booklet was compiled by three Authors, who have developed it into a practical tool to enable effective application of its provisions.  Using the Values as a foundation, the UBUNTU LEADERSHIP MODEL was developed, to promote the Values as a standard for ethical leadership. The tool for selecting leaders has also been included, intended to guide organisations, institutions and individuals. The self assessment tool is intended to facilitate continous leadership development, as it enables identification of further develop needs for leadership competence.        


Credit is due to the following participants who were part of the working group of the New Nation Movement, who worked tirelessly to bring this project to completion:


Mkhangeli Matomela

Linda Gobodo

Pearl Kupe

Bulelani Mkhohliswa

Ben Alberts

Alaythea Hamlyn

Zandile Vilakazi-Mwenda

Arno Van Niekerk

Michael Louis

Barnabas Mucha

Philip Anthony

Matthew Rantso
Eddie de Beer
Bernie van Wyk