In Search of Good Governance




The challenges we face in South Africa require a strong MORAL COMPASS. 


A clear and strong moral compass comprises absolute values that guide and govern our behaviour as a nation: the rights and responsibilities that both citizens and leaders at all levels of government adhere to. History has shown that great empires, nations, and societies, were founded on the bedrock of values, principles, ethics and moral standards that shaped the behaviour of individuals, families and communities for ages. Achieving this takes the creation of a culture that is based on a fundamental Bill of Values, drawn from moral and ethical principles that have stood the test of time.  


The intention is the book, 'In Search of Good Governance', is to provide a practical guide that will make it easier to live and apply these values in everyday life. It is hoped that as we inculcate a new value system into the spirit of the nation, a new ethos of high moral and ethical consciousness will eventually take root, both within our institutions and the population at large.


At the root of strong, top performing societies is always a set of critical values that become a social compact that guides all citizens, and eventually builds a strong culture.  The change needed in South Africa is a new value system that goes deep into the heart and soul of the nation. This starts with change from the inside out, by embracing the right values, then behaviour patterns start changing, leading to social transformation.


The Seven Primary Values below were identified as the critical ingredients needed to set the foundation for a value system that guides the nation as we move towards a culture of authentic good governance and ethical leadership.

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Available for download.  Contains a comprehensive range of values, that include the Batho Pele Principles and Moral Regeneration Charter. Also the selection criteria for leaders as well as  selection process and  leadership assessment tools. 

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Bill of Values Book

This Code serves to enable practical application of the Values documented in the Bill of Values, to the actual leadership situation. Providing a guiding framework for ethical, accountable leadership.

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Code of Ethics for Leaders

Selection Procedure for Leaders

A recommended process for selecting potential candidates for leadership positions in public service. Designed to ensure that leaders of highest quality can be identified.

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Assessment tests  for candidates of leadership positions, based on this Bill of Values; 

- Candidate Questionaire

-  Practical Candidate Interview Questionaire.

- Self Assessment test. 

Candidate Assessment for Leadership



Its time for Africa to Up the Game, to rise out of mediocre leadership, and to aim for an excellent STANDARD OF leadership!!!

This campaign is a catalyst to ignite a culture of leadership excellence in the nation. By promoting the use of the UBUNTU LEADERSHIP CODE by public service organisations, we're setting a higher standard and activating the nation to start expecting more from leaders at all levels of public, private and community institutions. 


This campaign seeks to solicit public support for endorsing this Code for Ethical leadership, as a sufficient and excellent standard to use in the selection of leaders in our institutions.


This is particularly important for institutions such as government, political parties, churches, where the need for ethical, accountable, excellent leadership has never been greater.      

Ubuntu leadership