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The challenges we face in South Africa require a strong moral compass.  A clear and strong moral compass comprises absolute values that guide and govern our behaviour as a nation: the rights and responsibilities that both citizens and leaders at all levels of government adhere to. Achieving this will take the creation of a culture that is based on a fundamental Bill of Values for a non-partisan, values-based, people-driven, societal governance system, drawn from the primary values, principles, ethics and moral standards that have stood the test of time, and have characterised historically stable, good, and lasting legacies amongst individual citizens, families, communities, societies, and nations.

This booklet offers a compact yet comprehensive process to facilitate firstly, an understanding of what values are and how to interpret them, secondly a proposed set of values and the desirable qualities for candidates for governmental leadership, and thirdly, a selection process that may be followed in order to assist voters / selectors and ministers in identifying the best possible candidates for good governance in a local municipality, in a province, or in the nation as a whole. Good government is only as good as the individuals it is composed of. The process described will go a long way towards identifying such individuals.


The intention behind this booklet is to provide a practical guide that will make it easier to live and apply these values in everyday life. It is hoped that as we inculcate a new value system into the spirit of the nation, a new ethos of high moral and ethical consciousness will eventually take root, both within governance and among the population.

The Values Booklet can be downloaded or read online. This is in the hope of encouraging al to begin to apply these values in their daily lives. 

The values have been categorised and are discussed in this website from the various sections.