seven primary values

At the root of strong, top performing societies is always a set of critical values that become a social compact that guides all citizens, and eventually builds a strong culture. Research shows that all great empires, nations, and societies, were founded on the bedrock of values, principles, ethics and moral standards that shaped the behaviour of individuals, families and communities for ages. Furthermore, the collapse of empires always comes after breakdown of the moral foundation which made them great nations in the first place. Moral decay is always the starting point of societal collapse, because then it lacks the vital tools for future success.


The change needed in South Africa is a new value system that goes deep into the heart and soul of the nation. This starts with change from the inside out, by embracing the right values, then behaviour patterns start changing, leading to social transformation.


The Seven Primary Values below were identified as the critical ingredients needed to set the foundation for a value system the whole nation can agree on - a social compact for South Africa.


It is our conviction that these have the potential to provoke significant transformation once they become embedded in the culture of the populace. The rest of the values will naturally   follow as the new culture grows in the people. They are thus proposed herein as the rallying point of focus for a Social Compact for the nation.




  • Love

  • Justice

  • Integrity

  • Wisdom

  • Self-governance

  • Diligence

  • Innovativeness

We encourage all the people of South Africa to take their rightful position as responsible citizens by committing to make these values a reality in their daily lives and in their organisations. By so doing, they are contributing to the building of a country that will make us all proud to be South Africans.


This you do by making a personal commitment to enter the ‘Values Social Compact’ in Chapter 3,  in which we all agree as a nation, to commit ourselves as individuals and organisations, to do our part, in bringing about the moral regeneration that the nation desperately needs. 

See the ‘social compact’ in Chapter 3. 





  • Love and Care

Care is an outworking of love: it means honour and respect towards authority, including God, as Creator of all things and the nation to which we belong. Having compassion, kindness, loyalty, and respect towards one another, irrespective of race, gender, beliefs, or culture. Promoting the wellbeing of the community for the common good, above personal aspirations. Willingness to help towards our own and others’ needs and working together with others for the greater benefit of all.


  • Devoted Citizenship

This is patriotism – serving the nation of South Africa with loyalty and dignity; promoting excellence in and for the nation; becoming the best one can be; being, and encouraging others to be, as upright, law-abiding, responsible, productive, and dynamic as we can.


  • Justice

Justice means proper and legitimate use of power, equality before the law, equitable distribution of resources, equal opportunities, and meeting the rights and enforcing the obligations of all, irrespective of race, gender, class, belief system, or background. It includes recusal where conflict of interest may prompt injustice.


  • Integrity and the Rule of Law

Belief and Conscience leads to honesty, trustworthiness and transparency.  Valuing the beliefs and personal consciences of the individual, subject to one’s sense of morality, the nation’s laws, and adherence to the rule of law.


  • Wisdom

The correct application of knowledge, and the ability to discern and make good judgements on what is true and right, brings peace, harmony, and prosperity to all.


  • Self-governance

This means direction, regulation, control, and restraint with respect to one’s will, desires, character, thoughts, ideas, motives, convictions, and attitudes, in keeping with one’s conscience. Outcomes of self-governance are patience, purity, and selflessness. Increased self-governance among us helps us to be selfless, patient, moral and reduces the need of law enforcement. Leaders who govern themselves can serve others effectively.


  • Diligence and Punctuality

Performing responsibilities and duties properly, thoroughly, professionally, competently, and timeously with discipline and excellence.


  • Innovativeness

Having the capacity for problem solving as well as creating innovative solutions to address societal needs. This is a critical element needed to be effective builders and restorers of the nation, communities and organisations.